Who are we?

Look and Yes is a collective of Directors, Art Directors, Graphic Designers and Animators who's only mantra is to work on things that they really enjoy doing! We carefully select which projects we get involved in purely on the basis of whether a project will challenge us creatively and professionally, we know when a project is right because we don't have to think twice about taking it on!

Why 'Look and Yes'?

The best projects are the ones where you know immediately that you want to work on them, there are no questions, no doubts, no second guessing. You simply look at the idea and say yes right away...

What do we do?

Within our collective we have the skill set to make music videos, documentaries, short films, animations, graphic design projects, arts event organisation, traditional print media projects, app design, art direction and so much more...

Will we work on your project?

Does your project excite you? do you have something positive and passionate to share with the rest of us? are you doing something fresh, exciting and new? We always want to hear from potential clients or collaborators but we don't want this to become just another job..